Week 6

The supposedly reading week for many students at Warwick is the most depressing week for me.

WBS does not take Week 6 as a reading week, hence the usual timetable.

4 more weeks before the term ends, have I got what it takes to finish this term with a bang?

International Financial Management, still a lot to catch up to.

Advanced Financial Reporting, I seriously need to start working.

Marketing Management, been doing OK so far, but need to shift to gear 5 very SOON. Essay is due in 1 month time.

Critical Issues in Management – work more for your group.

International Corporate Tax Planning – you definitely still have loads of work to do and COMPLETE!

Lectures and seminars, these are two most important things for students at Uni. Please turn up. Do turn up!


2 comments so far

  1. lili on

    isnt that the life that u r looking for? maybe thats y God cater it for you. busy life= Akmal Amri. the equation is perfectly right for you

  2. akmalamri on

    @aku xkata aku xnak life ni… cuma aku stress… haih.. apo la ko ni lili.. org yg biasa busy pon akan stress… maybe masalah dengan stress management

    p/s: stress sampai reply sini pon lambat kan? tapi aku memang jenis xjaga blog..

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