English Lesson #1 – Really

I have been quite quiet these past few days. Really, I have nothing to write that can be written in less than 10 minutes.

Hence, I am starting a new section in my blog, which is, as you can obviously guess, a series of English Lessons. And the good thing is, it will be my section when I feel lazy to think too much of any issue.

Today, we will begin with the use of the word ‘really’.

1. I am sad
2. I am really sad

What is the difference, in term of meaning, between the above two sentences?

I guess, it is pretty obvious. Now let’s move on.

2. I am really sad
3. I really am sad

Ok, how different are they now?

Hard to tell, no?

Let me change both sentences into negative form.

2. I am not really sad
3. I really am not sad

What about now? Can you ‘feel’ the difference?

And let’s compare it to our earlier example.

2. I am really sad
3. I really am sad

Can you now ‘feel’ it? I do.

If you can see, the word ‘really’ can produce different effects if it is put at different positions in a sentence.

When you put ‘really’ in front of the verb (e.g. I really am sad), it further empower the meaning of it, as compared to putting ‘really’ after the verb (e.g. I am really sad). And the difference of the effect, in this case, can be further magnified by changing the form.

If you still do not get it, please write comment. I have tried to simplify this in 10 minutes, but there might still be complication on your part.

Most importantly, keep experimenting with your language! Change the structure, replace the verb with easier verbs, change the form from negative to positive and negative again; one day, you will get it!


3 comments so far

  1. lili on

    aku phm

  2. hilman on


  3. ahmad shafie on

    i really am… happy that you help me with this…! patutla awek tue aritue cakap i really am love you kat aku aritue..baru paham..Haha!

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