Dear readers, whoever you are.

As usual, I am sorry for a long silence. I guess an avid reader of my blog would have understood me by now. A blog post is really not something to look forward to.

It sparks me to write because I came across a thought that I find worth sharing.

Can we justify everything we do in a day?

We wake up early for Fajr prayer; can we justify the action?
When we go to class; can we justify it?
We eat two plates of rice for lunch; is it justifiable?


We watch movies when there are works that we need to do; is it justifiable?
We sleep after Maghrib, and wake up during Fajr; is it justifiable?
We spend 2 hours reading emails; is the time spent justifiable?

And the bigger question is:

To whom should we justify it?

Ironically, the answer to the bigger question is very much available to everyone, deep inside their hearts at least.

In conclusion, thinking that we NEED to justify every action we take does create conscience prior to taking the very action.

And Alhamdulillah, I find it working so far, so as to make me use my time more wisely and do things of no waste.


May Allah and His prophet help us in the Hereafter for what we do today during his prophet’s maulid/birthday. Those who do nothing may have to pray more and make do’a more.

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