Birthday Presents

I would like to share my happiness with you. Last Thursday was my birthday. As I believe the ultimate happiness is at giving, therefore I decided to give to the people I love on my birthday, instead of receiving.

Azri has agreeed a month prior to help me with the Birthday Party that I planned. And a day before, I advertised the event on the Facebook. Although I forgot to invite some of my friends, some of them did come for they know that I may not be able to invite all.

So the party happened. Many people came, and surprisingly many brought presents. Not to be forgotten, a number of people brought some delicious dishes like Cheese Cake (Yorke), Chicken Lasagne (Alia), Chocolate Cake (Afiah) and Sponge Cake (Hamzah) – I have forgotten many others.

Hence, since this is the only thing that I can do now, I dedicate this blog post to all my well-wishers. Plus, I would like to show all the presents that I have received on the very day. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Now the presents

The Most Special (Surprise)

Thank you everyone!

p/s: this is the benefit of having and publishing your own wish list :p


6 comments so far

  1. Ede on

    Akmal, nanti nak pinjam The Battle For God.

    • Akmal Amri on

      I will give it to you when you come here on the 14th of June. Thanks ede for the Armstrong 🙂

      • Ede on

        No prob. Kalau nak tulis review kat BukuProject, boleh jgk =)

      • Akmal Amri on

        review mestila pasal content buku kan? kalau I tulis review pasal cover buku, boleh x? :p

  2. SOPAN on

    ABE AKMAL, meme terkenal demo dok..sure kalu kawen masuk paper..

    • Akmal Amri on

      haha… masuk paper berita hangat je, kalau aku kawen, xhangat pun sebab semua dah expect. haha

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