New Breath New Direction


I am now a working class citizen, no longer a student. With a different perspective on life today, I believe I am still me.

Last week, my department had a meeting. I was introduced as one of the new staffs. One question from the older staff struck me almost dead.

“Since you mention interest in politics, do you have a blog?”

It was difficult for me to answer. For it showed my lack of commitment. Nonetheless, an answer was required then.

“Yes. But to be honest, I update it once a month, at most.”

Another question in the lift this week pushed me to write this.

“Akmal, what do you write in your blog eh?”

I seriously did not have answer for that. And I still don’t.

“Dear my blog,

I will take care of you as one of my responsibilities. I believe, when you start something, you have to carry on doing it. And completing it.

As I had told myself that this will be an avenue for me to crystallise my thoughts, ideas and advices in written form, I will do my best to achieve this lest I would have nothing to be left behind.

May Allah give me strength.

Yours truly,
Bank Negara Malaysia”


2 comments so far

  1. Caution on

    just a word of advice, careful of what you write in your blog coz the Bank do keep track of what’s happening online 🙂

    • Akmal Amri on

      Inshaallah, I will be. Thanks.

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